Want to change your to-do list slump? Try out these tricks

The to-do list is a beautiful thing! I love it. I love the high I get from checking things off my list. I honestly have a problem, because I make to-do lists for idiotic things. 

Nailed it

Do you wish your day looked like this? (I do)


At 5:30 am, I wake up, and I run a quick 5k. I shave and take a shower. I cook a hearty breakfast, and I read through my news apps while drinking coffee. I write a little of my novel for 30 minutes and finish a couple of paragraphs before I head off to work. 

During my lunch break, I read thirty pages of my book of the week then I head back to work.

I return home early enough to start dinner at a respectable time. I feel lucky traffic was so oddly light today. How strange. After my homecooked meal, I practice guitar for two hours. I decided that the band was well prepared, and no practice was needed. I go to bed a little earlier than usual. But I deserve to because I got so much done today. 

How do you make this happen?! 

You don’t. 

Have you at any point in your life regularly got up at 5:30 in the morning for fun? Why would you start now? Even if you managed to do it a few days in a row. The chances of you slipping back into an old routine is around 93%. – Statistic tested and created by me, literally right now.

A lot of bloggers will tell you this is the way. 

This is the way

Real change is excellent! Wanting to better yourself is a great thing. It’s also not going to happen in a day! So this short post is here to help you reconfigure your dreams to something… you know, actually achievable. If you were asked to play Madison square garden, you would bomb it.

Are you not entertained?

Why? You’re not used to playing something like that! I don’t care how talented you are, this is real life, not a movie. You have to work your way up to something like that. The same thing applies here.

If we want to get to a place where we have mastery over every minute. Let’s start with a few things over the next year and see how that helps us. We’re approaching our dream-self slowly.

These are not new ideas. 

Right before you fall asleep, write down 4 things you really would like to get done the next day. 

  • Be brutally specific on what you want. It can be as simple as “Call David.” 
  • Don’t write down the overall goal. Meaning, if you’re trying to paint a picture…
    • Step 1 would be to buy the paint.
    • Step 2 would be to set up a makeshift studio where you can paint.
    • Step 3 would be to paint the background.
    • Step 4 would be to add detail.
  • Make sense? Don’t write paint a picture, write buy paint.
  • Most things on your list will take less than an hour to do. If there is something, you MUST do that takes the majority of the day. Only do that thing between your morning and night. Take the rest of the day off, geez! 
  • If you only do one thing on that list. You had a good day. Start genuinely believing that. If you only got one task done every day, you would have finish 365 tasks that really needed to be accomplished. 
  • No task is too small. Clean bathroom or text Erin back counts as a task. 
  • Physically check off (or type) that you’ve completed the task. Respect that high you will get. 
  • If you are having a hard time doing this. It’s okay. Don’t be hard on yourself. Most people don’t get even one task done most days! If you’re struggling, tell a good from (or hell, tell me) what you want to get done today. Then have them keep you accountable.

Eat the fog in the morning – Such a weird expression. Let’s give some quick background. We’re not entirely sure who coined the phrase. Check out this great article if you’re interested in the conception of the idiom. 

  • The frog is the hardest/most important task for you to complete. The expression is suggesting that you do this task before anything else you have to do that do. In other words, get it out of the way

Delegation – Take this with a grain of salt. I want you to understand that dumping a workload on someone else is something different than delegation (or, at the very least, an unhealthy side of delegation. Let me give you an example.

  • If you’re in a band, like I am, you all have your strengths. Some people just show up, that’s okay. Not everyone needs to take the lead. But recently, I had the vision to create a better stage. I wanted to create something that was beyond my skill set, but someone I know is really great in that particular field (it’s my boy Lee), and I spoke with him and deligated the work of construction said set piece to him. Many hands make light work. Find a way to spread essential tasks between your crew! If you don’t have a team. That’s okay! You probably have some friends or family that would be able to help you do a few things. If you don’t have that… well, I feel a little sad for you, and you can skip to the next point.
  • Always check yourself to make sure you’re not carrying too much or too little. 
  • If someone consistently shirks the work and won’t help with any tasks. It’s probably time to cut them and find someone else.
Let’s see… your kiss? Yep, it made the list!

You’re not going to get to that dream schedule tomorrow. It’s not gonna happen. You’re probably not going to make some drastic life change tomorrow. It’s okay! I don’t think you’d be happy if you did! You work to easing into that through being patient with yourself and starting small! 

Remember that most things can wait till the morning. It’s a very western concept to have something immediately. Don’t stress baby! Just focus and get it done and ACTUALLY enjoy your to-do list! 

Dinner with myself… I can’t keep canceling!

On the flip side, procrastination is what we’re killing off here! Be active in your to-do list!

Agree? Disagree? I want to hear! Every time you share or comment my heart skips a beat! Please leave me your thoughts or if you have any ideas to help others find the path. Let’s talk!


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