Break Into Your Scene With This Simple Trick

Feel like you’re not breaking through in your scene?¬†

The scene is the wall… Get it? No, eh screw you guys! You wouldn’t know funny if it broke through a wall and said “Ohhhhh Yeahh!”

Well, first take some comfort in the fact that you’re are not alone! “The scene” is an ambiguous thing. Is it one band? Is it ten bands? Does a distinct act have to be in it to be considered “the scene”? What about the people that go to shows? Don’t the enthusiasts make it a scene? How about the venue? Is the scene also a few different locations? What does that mean in this digital era? I’m not sure! 


I have a feeling it an amalgamation of all of these things. That’s a fun word to say, amalgamation. 

School for the win!

I have found the best way to insert yourself into the scene is by being a fan. So today here’s a quick tip when you’re feeling a little stuck. 

But you’re spider-man? Why are you stuck?

Become a mega fan of one local band for a month. Drop everything you’re doing and follow them on every gig they play. It’s guaranteed to make them happy and get you in the circle. Here are the two rules I have. 

  1. They have to play near you regularly.
  2. They cannot be someone you’re already close with.
Technically this is rule one… which means we have three rules.

Both these rules fall under the category of duh. You have to be able to interact with them, and it doesn’t make sense to befriend a band you already know really well. I mean, if they were tapped into the scene, you’d already be involved. 

Stop. being. SO. STUPID!

How to be a MEGA-FAN

The road to mega fandom is pretty straightforward. But let’s list them, so I have some content for you to read.

Learn the words to their songs

Don’t be a scrub like Elvin.. Wait, who? I’ve never heard of Elvis?

Making a playlist on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, or whatever the hell you use is a big help with this! It also helps them with streams! If they don’t have lyrics posted, ask them for the words to their songs! It’s flattering and helps to solidify that connection.

Buy their merch

I’m not encouraging you to buy everything they put out. That can get expensive. I am urging you to put your money where your mouth is and buy some stuff! Show them some love and buy the thing you like the most. You dig that T-shirt? Buy it! Already have one of those.

Comment on their social media posts

Be active on what they’re posting. Give them more than a “like.” Make a comment that they will see and give them something to feed off of! 

Learn the names of the members of the band

Since this is a new group we’re fanboy/girling over, we need to learn the names of everyone involved. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing the sound of your name! Learn the names a little bit about the band by having some conversations with the group. Make it real, it’s easy, just become friends! 

Share their content

Share their content via social media, but more than that, talk about the band! Love on their music, ask people what they’re listening to and when they return the question, you talk about this band. Share their page and their music. Tell them about your favorite song. It’s easy, people. Actively share their stuff! 

Be real about it 

Maybe the only good advice you’d get from this show…. Besides how to layer.

Find a band that plays music you like. It makes the whole process easy and fun! Besides that, being fake sucks, and it’s easy to tell when someone is a leech. I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it.  

If you don’t love the scene (or any groups), then sometimes forcing yourself to be active helps you learn to love a group! I know that’s weird, but it is a truth in life! 

If you’re not doing this, you’re doing it wrong!

Even during our current lockdown, we can support other acts. It’s as simple as talking! Start today!¬†Pick and local band and follow the crap outta them!


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