How to get press in the DIY era

I really loved reading this article! I think they make a lot of great points. The biggest being… waiting on someone will not get you what you want.

I really want to repeat what they say, but you know… actually make it fun to read (that is kind of important).

Four score and twenty-six seconds ago…

The first thing this marvelous blog pointed out is that you can be the one to create the press release! I know?! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! Send it early. Touch the points you want them to elaborate on. Make their job as easy as posting what you’ve written. Be meticulous, comb the press release for mistakes. 

“You should ideally prepare and send your press release three months before your release.” – Richie Valentine

Well said Richie Rich! If you’ve ever thought, “Why isn’t this going well for me?” It’s probably because you gave the press your pitch a week before it’s release. You fool.

Lots of time, lots of detail. If you enjoy the read, others will as well. 

If you don’t write well, pay someone else to write for you. You have options, kids.

Yes, but only because you’re so handsome.

Polish up that EPK! You want that looking new and fresh and to compliment that press release! I’ve preached about EPK’s for a while now. If you’re confused about what that is (electronic press kit) or how to create one. Follow this link to my post on how to create a dope ass EPK.

Haha, it’s funny; my post is really just breaking down what their post said. 

There are PLENTY of places you can pitch your press. Think outside your circles into international waters, baby! If you don’t know what your local press looks like, it’s time to figure that out. It’s as easy as searching Google or Instagram. They’re not trying to hide from you, you just have to look through all the garbage out there.

Develop a strong short pitch and an even better long pitch. It should last 20 seconds, you can feel like a robot but sound like a kid. Why should someone listen to your music? If you don’t know why or can’t explain it, that’s okay! Seriously, it’s okay. Take the time to learn how to explain it. Write it out, pitch it to friends, see if it sticks! 

Hi, I play music. Listen. Maybe?

Tapping into the press will make your career! It’s hard to break through, but remember it comes down to relationships. If you have a good healthy relationship with someone in the press, you have an in. Just like any other relationship, it has to be nourished. 

No one is going to give this to you. Let’s make it happen. Start today, email, DM, PHONE CALLS!!! Yes! That’s still a thing, and almost always yields the best results. Whatever it takes!


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