Face-Off – A battle to the death (or how to quickly finish a song)

I’ve been reading a biography from Sir Anthony Kiedis of THE red hot chili peppers, and I’ve discovered a few different things. First off, if you’re a famous male, you’re probably a horn dog, womanizer (albeit, very cool dude). Secondly, I learned this really cool trick that I want to try with my collaborators. Kiedis calls it “The face-off.”

Here’s how you play dudes and dudettes. When you’re having trouble finishing a song. You drop your instrument, get up in your fellow collaborator’s face, breathe in the same air (yes, even in the year 2020), and then go into separate rooms for five minutes to get your band un-stuck from the part of the song you can’t finish. After five minutes, both of the “contestants” renter the room, and the rest of the band votes on which part they like better. This means that whosoever writes, the better solution wins. Well, technically, the band wins because you’ve finished the song. Most of the time, Kiedis said they would find a way to fit both of the song’s freshly written parts anyways.

Okay, so you don’t have to do the first part if you have a personal space issue. But this idea is genius and tapes into the competitive nature that rests in each of us. We all want to win, and honestly, if you finish the song, even if you’re part doesn’t get used, you have still won!

It’s essentially Thunderdome for a song.

It’s a friendly, fun way to get those creative juices flowing. It’s also very quick and frees you up from the inventive damn that can inhibit us. It has the potential to hurt some ego, but we must remember that either way, you are winning! If you REALLY love that other part, you might even be able to create an entirely new piece of work (which is another thing that Kiedis said helped the group)!

Why should this work for you?

Well my theory is that even with the added pressure of time. It’ll be easier for you to come up with ideas when you’re alone. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I am writing 99% of stuff that goes through my head is absolute garbage. Most of the time I just need to vocalize/play my idea to a wall and make sure it’s a terrible idea, or let that terrible idea lead me to a good idea. A moment of solitude, and a quick turn around scheduled burst of creativity can go a long way.

Spencer and I always talked about doing this, but I never remember actually doing it. Next time you’re in town, cuz, let’s give this a “face-off” a shot. I would love to hear your stories on how this works, or doesn’t work, for you! Reply down in the comments or send me a message and tell me all about it!

Oh, and welcome to Thunderdome.


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