Losing your voice? Try this trick

Before the middle of this tragedy of a year, I was able to play a lot, and I was losing my voice ALL the time. I was constantly afraid that when I got up on stage, I wasn’t going to be able to sing half the songs I prepared for the show. I am always looking for tips and tricks to help my voice last a little longer. I recently was talking with Garrett (I feel like I’m always quoting him), and he passed on some information from a vocal coach, or doctor, or a witch… I can’t remember. Anyways I have the information online that backs it up.

now where did I put that information? Must be here somewhere…

And everyone knows, if you find it online, it must be true! 

From UT Health – San Antonio – Long School of Medicine 

Throat clearing is extremely traumatic to your vocal cords – causing excess wear and tear.

Bothersome mucous can cause people to have the sensation something is on their vocal cords that they need to clear off. The irritation and swelling produced by the throat clearing can cause saliva to sit in your throat. This causes more throat clearing. More throat clearing causes more stagnant mucus which causes more throat clearing, which causes more mucus, etc… A vicious cycle will ensue and the habit can be very difficult to break.

UT Health – San Antonio – Long School of Medicine 

Putting this into practice

Begin by trying to suppress the throat clearing.

When the feeling is present, try swallowing hard or sipping on water.

If necessary, clear your throat silently — “huh”

Ask your doctor if a mucolytic or reflux medication would be helpful.

UT Health – San Antonio – Long School of Medicine 

I started putting this into practice, and my voice lasts two to three times longer! WHAT?! sorry… i meant… what?

It’s true! Just the conscious effort to not clear my throat has drastically changed my life. Can it really be that big of a change for such a small thing? It has been for me. When you clear your throat, think of it as the equivalent of scream at the top of your lungs. It’s not good for you, duh!

And you just destroyed your singing career. Great job, Carl.

So what happens when you REALLY need to clear your throat? I just hum a little bit, and it fixes this for me most of the time. If that doesn’t work, drink something, and it’ll help you every time! 

What does Doctor Legs prescribe for your faltering voice? Lot’s of water EVERY DAMN DAY and stop clearing your throat. 


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