Box 5 – The Blues Major Pentatonic

The final piece to our puzzle is box 5.

I’m not actually sure what scale this is. It’s cool and hits the 6… which is the first scale that we have the does that! Hey, hey, hey

If we place this box at the start of our scale, we have

1(root) – 2 – 4 – 5 – 6

These notes make up the blues’ major pentatonic scale.

When should you use this scale? It really works well with 7th chords. It can also bring out tones of a Major 6th chord. That 6 is nice and helpful and gives you a tone that the pentatonic scale usually doesn’t offer!

Here’s the scale

That concludes my five part series! Sure the last one was shorter and seems a little phoned in. But that’s okay! You’re still reading it so, jokes on who? Maybe Biden? I don’t know.

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