Peacock – Music Video

My band wrote this song because we needed a song to start our set. The idea came when I was driving, and a kid drove his bike slowly in front of my car. I had more than enough time to stop. The child laughed and flipped me off. I thought it was funny, the level of confidence that this kid had. Misplaced for sure. I wanted to write some lyrics around that perspective.

We recorded this live in a sweet studio in a nearby town. It was hard, and it was fun. I dubbed the vocals over, and we called it good! A fun process overall!

Recorded by the amazing Enrique Castro and Andrew Castillo at CRAS

Mixed by Garrett Bowers

Filmed by Free Lance Productions

Bass – Lee Nelson

Drums – Pablo Bastidas

Vocals – Dean Nelson

Guitar Dean Nelson

The smoking hot babe driving the car is Echo Williams.

A Special thanks to Rob Gardner for driving the car.


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Self defined as: taste taster for the aspiring musician on the go.

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