The 15-Minute Rule

Here's the thing, I have way too much going on to sit a practice all day. I know, that's lame. I wish it was not that way. But I have a severe case of ADHD that has never been diagnosed and enough ambition to make ole Teddy Rosevelt say, "Maybe slow down a little, bud."


Find someone who will help guide you to where you want to go, find someone who believes in you and will help you move past your faults. Find someone who will help you not waste your time, someone who will help you become who you're meant to be.

Branding – Step One – Being REALLY REALLY picky

I​ like the idea of giving yourself a phrase to help keep you on the right path with all things "you" - An easy example is Rustic Chic. When I say that, suspenders and sundresses and twain should pop into your mind. I'm not saying follow your phrase religiously, or even that you should tell any of your fans this phrase. I'm just saying give yourself a heading and something to refer to when you make decisions.

This Is Why You Haven’t “Made It”

I feel that now is a time for self-reflection. Have you felt a little frustrated in yourself lately? Maybe you haven't progressed much in the past year? I want to go over a checklist with you today. Let's figure out why we might feel this way and discuss how we can improve. We can laugh about it while we're doing it! Shout out to Felipe Bustillo (instagram) @pipe_fx for the photos!