This Little Light Of Mine, How The Hell Do I Keep It Shiny

I’m working on a new theory about your inner child and my inner child. About my mother’s inner child and this guy, I met named Steve today. His inner child, as well. I won’t mention my father’s inner child, because I’m pretty sure he was born a man. 


My theory is that most children are born with a lot of hope and light and love. I have to say most, which is sad to me. The older you get, the more bad things happen to you in life. A close friend dies, maybe your parents pass, or you get your heart thrashed. All of those daydreams amounted to nothing, and before you know it, most of that light has been dulled. You’re working overtime, and life seems pretty empty. 


Do you remember the movie The Kid? I’m sorry if you do, it doesn’t really hold up, but the concept rings true for our theme. Maybe “Hook” is a better example, the movie was trashed, but hell, I love it.

You are the pan

Before we start, I want to give you a warning. You might feel like you can relive the past. This is not what we’re trying to do. For example, watching your favorite movie from childhood. You might think this would work, but it won’t. Can’t you go back? No, life is different. You’re eyes and mind are more complex. You can’t relive the past, that’s not what we’re trying to do here.  

My case is not that you have to be happy all of the time or to be childish. I want you to have that excitement when you shiver and want to scream. I want you to believe in magic, even though you know it’s not real.

What are some things we can do to keep that light shining within us? God, that sounds cheesy. 

Straight Cheddar

Smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling.

Be observant of other people and truthfully compliment them.

Oh gosh

Dance – I know that sounds stupid. But it really gives that life a little life. I’m not saying you have to dance in public, do it when you’re safe inside your home! Crank on that song that makes you move (basically anything by Earth, Wind and Fire) and cut loose! Just for three minutes, do something that makes you feel kind of silly! Embrace being that silly goose time!

Get it girl!

Be meticulous about cutting out negativity in your life – Got a friend who’s always negative? Well, now, you don’t. Haha, ok, it’s not that easy. But remember this, we’re all sponges, man! If you’re around people that are always down, you’re gonna be down as well. If you can’t completely cut out someone like this in your life. Limit your time with them. You can still love them, you don’t have to be around them all the time.

Allow yourself to daydream – Hope! Dream! Allow yourself to think big, fantasize and


Talk to your overly positive friend – Are they a little delusional? Sure, but damn, it feels good to be this emphatic. My little sister Sara is not delusional, but damn if I’m not in a good mood after I talk with her! She has the gift, baby! 

Protect what you have – This is kind of reiterating what we just said. I really want to hit home that you have to PROTECT YOURSELF! Stuff like drinking, pornography (didn’t see that coming in my blog, here’s your morality lesson from a fiend) 

I can show you the world

Travel to a new place – Get some brand new eyes. Does it have to be in a new country? No! You just need to go somewhere new. Go explore! 

Being around kids – This could also be hard if you’re not a parent, sibling, or an uncle/aunt. Do your friends have kids? Do you teach anything? Within reason, try to be around kids for a little bit. Get some grass stains on your pants, have a tea party. Be someone they can look up to 

Take away the useless stress – It’s the same point again! Just rephrased. I understand that you can’t take away everything that causes you stress. Hahaha, would that be nice? But there are a few things that you can cut from your life! It’s ok to say, “I took on more than I could handle.” This bullet point is a reminder that you can cancel plans. Your first priority is you. Now, this might be a controversial statement, very Ayn Rand. But it’s important to teach our kids that this is the same thing they should be doing! Of course, your kids should be a top priority. But you also MUST take care of yourself! These little bastard watch and learn from everything you do. If you’re burnt out all the time, your children are going to learn the same habits! I’m not a dad, so it’s easy for me to say. 

Also, damn, I want to be a dad. I still dream about a little tiny girl Dean’l running around. Maybe she’s up in heaven watching me be silly goose it up. If she reads, I can’t wait to play with you, darling.

Lastly, I want to remind you that life is HARD. Things almost never go the way you want them to go, and it’s ok to be sad from time to time. Emotion is a wave. It always comes down. We are programmed to feel neutral, not happy. The last tip I have for you is

Talk to your peers – How relieving is it to hear someone else talk about getting older, to not feel like the only one who didn’t make good on all of their dreams? You’re not alone. Have a talk with a peer, remember we all feel like this!

Enjoy this weekend! It’s gonna be a good one! 


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